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   Rez-Tech  and the Jar Man have developed a new line of FDA PET clear plastic jars .  Featuring low cost tooling for new designs and 22 stock PET plastic jar sizes

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     Rez-Tech and the Jar Man wants to thank you for visiting our temporary web site while we upgrade our plastic jars and container offerings.   


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     At Rez-Tech’s Plastic Jar Division, creating the best plastic jar packaging available is more than just a process.   But there's more to our 130 styles of plastic jar and container packaging than just plastic…. It’s our PEOPLE.  Rez-Tech's people provide everything from personalized customer packaging service and custom jar design, to tracking delivery and container inventory programs to exceed your needs.     Our commitment to teamwork, our flexible distributed jar manufacturing technologies, and Rez-Tech packaging capabilities allow us to surpass your expectations by providing jar design, container packaging, co-packaging services that make YOU money and puts your product in your customer’s “carts”. With all this in place, you, the client, appreciates that Rez-Tech’s Plastic Jar Division really is molding the packaging industry just for YOU.

NEW FDA  PET plastic jars with wide threaded and snap lids.  The Jar Man has design a new low cost molding process that can lower your entry cost to NEW designs or sizes.  Check out plastic conmtainer PET jars now.

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Plastic jar and plastic containers  Bulk Pricing , wholesale and manufactured in Kent OH 44240 USA.  Rez-Tech plastic jars can  be used for candy, salty snacks, spices, toysm, chemicals, pantry, kitchens.Rez-Tech handle jars  Spice jars, Saltt Jars, Chemical Jars, candy jars.   Clear FDA plastic pPinch grip containers mfg by jack the Jar Man

     Plastic jars with handles and Easy Pinch Grip plastic jars.  Favorites for salt, spices, pantry, kitchen storage, candy jars, snack jars, and foods.

    Great for candy shops, wedding candy bars and home pantry storage for big items.  These are bid wide mouth jars with 6 inch dia HINGED LID opening. 


   About 10-20 lbs of hard candy can fit in the bigger BF16LT bulk candy bin jar in the horizontal position and both sizes can stand upright also.  


   Both Candy Jar Bins fit under kitchen counters and closets nicely and are made shatter resistant.


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Food grade plastic Bulk Bins can replace costly acrylic candy dispensers.  Great for candy shops with stay open closing hinge lid for ease of use.  Use in your kitchen or pantry.  Made by  and the Jar Man

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