New Oblong Plastic Jars with Handles

Handleware H05 Plastic Jar jug for Rices, Spices, Salts, Candy manufactured by Rez-Tech

Rez-Tech premiers the new molds for our Plastic jars FDA Plastic PVC Oblong Jars with Handles come available in a clear color and volume sizes of 160 fld oz, 178 fld oz, 210 fld oz, and  231fld oz sizes. Rez-tech’s new SQF certified level 2 manufacturing plant makes FDA PVC Oblong Jars with Handles (handlware) excel in packaging bulk institutional Spices in 5#, 6# 7lbs, 8lbs, Snack Foods, Candy, Road Salts up 10# or 12 lbs and best for use and store bulk dry food products..