New Nesting Containers saves 520% on Freight and Storage!

Rez-Tech Corp. and the Jar Man introduces our new SQF made round (nestable) line of clear nesting food containers for Pretzels, Chips, Pork Rinds, Cheese Balls, and Chicharrones . We upgraded the plastic nesting containers to sell MORE through better shelf appeal with glossy clear PET plastic. Rez-Tech has designed it with our variable sparkle grooves that make the reflecting light dance! These redesigned plastic nestable tubs saves 520% in freight cost due to the engineered draft and “”GROOVY” dense stack rings. Think of all the savings in shipping and then save 520% on warehouse space stacked up on top of that!

Clear Plastic Round Nesting Container for snack foods, pretzels, cheese balls, pork rinds, and chicharrones
Nestable 3 Liter, 5X less Shipping

The round nesting canisters also decrease your carbon footprint by 500% from standard NON NESTABLE rigid jars and using the the number one recycled plastic in the world…FDA PET.

The larger 6 inch diameter mouth is bigger than normal… for faster filling on your food packaging line and… emptying at home. We have spent the last 24 months designing, engineering, and building Rez-Tech’s ” NO TOUCH” $1.8 million dollar (USD) plastic nesting container production line and that is what’s needed in this post COVID-19 aftermath. We can can produce millions of these canister tubs a month, just for you in the heartland of OHIO, USA.

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