Plastic Jar Developments

Rez-Tech’s new molds for clear plastic Jars are the latest addition to Rez-Tech’s roster of 100 different styles of plastic jars, which vary from smaller Handle Ware jars, and up to three gallon bulk display bins in size. a cornacopia of customers use Rez-Tech’s plastic jars: this includes salt and spice fillers, packers of snack foods, co-packers of candy and commercial and industrial plastic container packers, retail lawn and garden fertilizer featuring easy pour handle jars , and road salt handle container co-packers. “We make what the customers want,” Podnar says. “We try to approach it as a collaborative type relationship where communication is key. What type of product they want to put into our plastic jars and the containers are designed with them accordingly.”

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Spice Jug with Handle, 5#-10#
H05 handle Plastic Jar , 110mm 4″ dia thread mouth

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