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Presenting our new design of Wide Mouth Large 110 mm thread clear pinch grip plastic jars,  Rez-Tech containers are specially designed PET clear  resin in a square foot print for easy pack and ship.  No label rotation on shelf. Made on our new  SQF MFG “No Touch” automatic process production line.  Our Easy Grip Handles are  a BPA Free Snack Jar and designed to withstand automatic filling and packing pallet packs and trays.

GREAT QUALITY – Our candy containers made out of rigid commercial grade PET plastic and PVC that is food safe and has high clarity and is very strong, durable and economical, and is a great replacement for those heavy glass jars that easily crack & break on shipping and handling in warehouse clubs.

FRESH SEAL – Canister and lids are sold separately for more options of liners, colors, vendors.  Lids can have optional Foil Liners to ensure a strong and reliable airtight and leak proof seal, buy in bulk and  pack your Pretzels  into these convenient, classy bottles, they will stay fresh for a long time.

RE-USE and RECYCLE in KITCHEN and Garage- Consumers can reuse and recycle your branded label Grip Jars in their pantry for storing goods such as Spices, Jerky, baby powders, baking powder, cereals, popcorn, flours, pastas, nuts, beans, sugar, popcorn, seeds, bulk herbs, spices, pickles, and much more in the garage.  These containers can also store dog and cat food, arts & crafts supplies, paints, screws, bolts and nails.

PET plastic temperature tolerance up to 127°F and is freezer safe nor is it  (NOT) dishwasher safe , please hand wash

Please contact us if you want more specific information about these new Pinch Grip Plastic Jars or any hand held container needs.

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