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Clear PET plastic material meeting or exceeding FDA regulations. This can be colored or tinted based on volume, cost , request.

Plastic Nestable Jars

Plastic Nestable Tubs:  Do you want to reduce your packaging materials and jar bottle storage? Are you “listening” to your customers’ wants? If not, Rez-Tech and The Jar Man are! Have you been frustrated waiting for the packaging big boys to call you back? Don’t you think you would be better off working with us? […]

Plastic Barrels-Brilliant

plastic keg barrel Jar

Rez-tech’s and The Jar Man pump out millions of Plastic Barrels, plastic kegs, and specialty designed Canisters for cheeze balls, pretzels, and party snack foods.  These vented plastic jars (barrels) can be used for Pantry Storage Jars, tail gate barrels, bulk storage jars. The biggest sellers are the Snacks like cheese balls, pork rinds, pretzels, […]