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Clear plastic jars made from FDA plastics and to SQF (Safe Quality Foods) level 2 cetification .

Square Plastic Jars for Pallet Packs

Big Square Jars for Candy Snacks and Gum

Tried and true Pallet Pack Crystal Clear Square Plastic Jars. Our plastic square jars maximize retail and home shelf space and pallet packs.  You don’t get label creep!  The Jar Man’s square jars stops label rotation.   Rez-Tech’s  square plastic containers are made from our SQF certified FDA approved PVC plastics.y come in 5.5″ square […]

Plastic Barrels-Brilliant

plastic keg barrel Jar

Rez-tech’s and The Jar Man pump out millions of Plastic Barrels, plastic kegs, and specialty designed Canisters for cheeze balls, pretzels, and party snack foods.  These vented plastic jars (barrels) can be used for Pantry Storage Jars, tail gate barrels, bulk storage jars. The biggest sellers are the Snacks like cheese balls, pork rinds, pretzels, […]